2004 Qualifiers for World Championships (CRASH B's)

Congratulations to the 6 individuals who posted qualifying times at the Canadian Indoors on Feb 8, 2004 in Toronto. 

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*Leanne Ashworth, Dunrobin, ON   7:03.9 Collegiate

*Cynthia Drewry, Etobicoke, ON  

7:10.1  Women's Age 40-49
Leah Ketcheson, Unaffiliated, U.S 6:56.6 Collegiate
Walt Krawec, St. Catharines, ON  6:27.1 Men's Age 50+
Heather Mandoli, Unaffiliated, U.S 6:58.3 Collegiate
Katie Reynolds, Unaffiliated, U.S.  7:03.7 Collegiate

* indicates they attended the C.R.A.S.H.-B event in Boston representing CIRC.

                                                 "Crash-b's?   - O.K. I'm ready"

Qualifying times were calculated based on last year's winning times at the Worlds. 

For more information on the World Indoor Rowing Championships click here.