CIRC 2022 is a sanctioned event in the qualification for the


World Rowing Indoor Championships 2022, presented by Concept2, is scheduled for February 25-26, 2022 and will be staged as a fully virtual competition.

The World Rowing Indoor Championships is held annually, typically near the end of February since 2018. 

In the lead up to the WRICH 2022 a number of indoor rowing races around the world have been sanctioned by World Rowing. The Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships on January 30 is one of the sanctioned races.  For a list of sanctioned races - click here. Please note the winners of these events do NOT automatically qualify for the 2022 WRICH.

The top 3 ranked competitors in each race category from each of the 5 continental groupings (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania) will qualify for the 15 virtual places as WRICH (in that same race category).

To learn more about the World Rowing Indoor Championship click here: WRICH 2022 

The World Rowing Indoor Championships in 2023 will be held in Toronto-Mississauga on February 25-26 at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre.   We look forward to bringing this international competition to Canada for the first time.