Canadian Indoor Racing Results

Sunday February 4, 2007 (click on the flag for other locations)             


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CIRC - TORONTO 2007                                                                     

Time Event Event Category    (click on event name to show all competitors) Distance
8:45 am 1 Masters Lightweight Men GOLD: Steve Arnott, Burloak Canoe Club 2000m
8:45 am 2 Masters Men GOLD: Brad Ingleton, Barrie Rowing Club 2000m
9:00 am 3 Senior Masters Lwt Men (40-49) GOLD: Jeff Alex, Argonaut R.C. 2000m
9:15 am 4 Senior Masters Men (40-49) GOLD: Andrew Smith, London R.C. 2000m
9:15 am 5 Veteran Men (50-54) Lightweight GOLD:John Pauls, RidleyGrad B.C. 2000m
9:15 am 7 Veteran Men (50-54) GOLD: Kevin Thompson, unaffiliated 2000m
9:15 am 8 Veteran Men (55-59) GOLD:  Rick Crooker, unafiliated 2000m
9:15 am 11 Veteran Men (60-64) GOLD: George Molloy, unaffiliated 2000m
9:15 am 10 Veteran Men (65-69) Lightweight GOLD: Peter Okens, Don R.C. 2000m
9:15 am 13 Veteran Men (80+) Lwt GOLD: George Tombler, Ottawa 2000m
9:15 am 14 Veteran Men (70-74) GOLD: Conrad Andreychuk, Leander B.C. * 2000m
9:30am 16 Masters Women (30-39) GOLD:   Victoria Barkley, Western R.C. 2000m
9:45 am 18 Senior Masters Women  (40-49) GOLD: Cynthia Drewry, Don R.C. 2000m
9:45 am 20 Veteran Women Lwt (55-59) GOLD: Lori Hodder, Mic Mac R.C. 2000m
9:45 am 21 Veteran Women (50-54) GOLD: Rachelle Campbell, Wellington S.C 2000m
9:45 am 25 Veteran Women (60-64) GOLD: Maureen McLaughlin, Burloak C.C. 2000m
10:00 am 29 Junior B Lightweight Girls GOLD: Colleen Tierney, Don R.C. 2000m
10:15 am 30 Junior B Lightweight Boys GOLD:  Cameron McClean, Don R.C. 2000m
10:30 am 31 Junior B Girls  GOLD: Katrina Pichelli, South Niagara R.C. 2000m
10:45 am 32 Junior B Boys GOLD:   Steve Wilczynski, West Side R.C. 2000m
11:00 am 34 Adaptive Men (TA) GOLD: Wilfredo More Wilson, Argonaut R.C. 2000m
11:00 am 35 Adaptive Men (A) GOLD: Adam Gauthier, unaffiliated 1000m
11:00 am 36 Adaptive Women (LTA) GOLD: Victoria Nolan, Argonaut R.C. 1000m
11:00 am 37 Adaptive Women (TA) GOLD: Minna Mettinen, unaffiliated 1000m
11:00 am 38 Adaptive Women (A) GOLD: Christy Campbeall, Argonaut R.C. 1000m
11:15 am 39 Novice Men GOLD: Justin Kitney, Queen's University 1000m
11:15 am 40 Novice Women GOLD: Erin Hendricks, Trent University 1000m
11:30 am 41 Coxswains Men GOLD: Dane Lawson, Brockville, R.C. 1000m
11:30 am 42 Coxswain Women GOLD: Johanna Greenberg,   Westdale S.S. 1000m
12:00noon 43 Junior A Lightweight Girls GOLD: Jenna Burke, E.L. Crossley H.S. 2000m
12:15 pm 44 Junior A Lightweight Boys GOLD: Stu Taylor, Brockville R.C. 1000m
12:30 pm 45 Junior A Girls  GOLD: Justine Galbraith, E.L. Crossley H.S. 1000m
12:45 pm 46 Junior A Boys GOLD:   David Wakulich, St. Catharines Collegiate 1000m
1:00 pm 47 Senior B Lightweight Women GOLD: Nicole Campbell, Queens U 1000m
1:15 pm 48 Senior B Lightweight Men GOLD:  Timothy Colson, London T.C. 1000m
1:30 pm 49 Senior B Women GOLD: Audra Vair, Ottawa R.C. 2000m
1:45 pm 50 Senior B Men GOLD:  Doug Csima, Leander B.C. 2000m
2:00 pm 51 Senior Lightweight Women GOLD: *Michelle Prince, Ridley Grad B.C. 2000m
2:15 pm 52 Senior Lightweight Men GOLD: Andrew Borden, Bayside R.C. 2000m
2:30 pm 53 Senior Women GOLD: *Anna-Marie de Zwager, LondonTraining Centre 2000m
2:45 pm 54 Senior Men GOLD:  Peter McLelland, London Training Centre 2000m
3:00 pm 55 Parent Offspring Double - Mother/Daughter GOLD:  E.L. Crossley 500m
3:00 pm 56 Parent Offspring Double - Mother/Son GOLD:  Don Rowing Club 500m
3:00 pm 57 Parent Offspring Double - Father/Daughter GOLD: St. Catharines R.C. 500m
3:00 pm 58 Parent Offspring 2X- Father/Son GOLD: Tie: Kingston R.C / Brock U. 500m
3:15 pm 59 CREW: University Women Eight GOLD: U of Toronto at Mississauga 1000m
3:30 pm 60 CREW: Univeristy Mens Eight GOLD Trent University 1000m
3:45 pm 61 CREW: Club Womens Four GOLD: Eden High School 500m
3:45 pm 62 CREW: Club Mens Four GOLD: Argonaut Rowing Club 500m
4:00 pm 63 Future OlympiansUnderAge8 Girls GOLD:  Amy Hasegawa, Coledale 100m
4:00 pm 64 Future Olympians Under Age8Boys GOLD:  Adrian Wu, Coledale P.S. 100m
4:00 pm 65 Future Olympians Girls Age 8 GOLD: Emily Lynch, Burford P.S. 500m
4:15 pm 66 Future Olympians Boys Age 8 GOLD: Chase Haddleton, Jackman PS 500m
4:15 pm 67 Future Olympians Girls Age 9 GOLD: Valerie Politis-Barber, Coledale 500m
4:30 pm 68 Future Olympians Boys Age 9  GOLD: Ben Matthews, Burford P.S. 500m
4:30 pm 69 Future Olympians Girls Age 10 GOLD: Sharyne Williams, Jackman 500m
4:45 pm 70 Future Olympians Boys Age 10 GOLD:Ilya Motamedi, Jackman P.S. 500m
4:45 pm 71 Future Olympians Girls Age 11 GOLD: Phebe Teague, Jackman P.S 500m
5:00 pm 70 Future Olympians Boys Age 11 GOLD:Alexander Ruddock, Jackman 500m
5:00 pm 75 Future Olympians Girls Age 12 GOLD:  Eve Chen, Coledale P.S. 1000m
5:00 pm 74 Future Olympians Boys Age 12 GOLD: Ocean Pu, Coldale, P.S. 1000m
5:15 pm 75 Future Olympians Girls Age 13 GOLD:   Rebecca Smith, London R.C. 1000m
5:15 pm 74 Future Olympians Boys Age 13 GOLD:  Caleb McCleary, Burford P.S. 1000m
Feb 25-07   C.R.A.S.H. B World Championship Qualifiers  

  * indicates World Qualifier                                         

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