Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships

Sunday February 1, 2009 

RESULTS - TORONTO 2009                                                                    

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  * C.R.A.S.H. B World Championship Qualifiers  
8:45 am 1 Masters Lightweight Men (30-39) GOLD: Bill Wells 2000m
8:45 am 2 Masters Men (30-39) GOLD: Jerry Fowler 2000m
9:00 am 3 Senior Masters Lwt Men (40-49) GOLD: Scott Patterson 2000m
9:15 am 4 Senior Masters Men (40-49) GOLD: Ken Costello 2000m
9:15 am 5 Veteran Lightweight Men (50-54) GOLD: Paul Beedling, St. Cath R.C. 2000m
9:15 am 6 Veteran Men (50-54) GOLD: Peter Virtanen, CSDC 2000m
9:15 am 8 Veteran Lightweight Men (55-59) GOLD: Ed Duncan 2000m
9:15 am 8 Veteran Men (55-59) GOLD:  Gary Boomgaardt, Ottawa R.C. 2000m
9:15 am 9 Veteran Lightweight Men (60-64) GOLD: William Duthie 2000m
9:15 am 9 Veteran Men (60-64) GOLD: Barry Moncrieff 2000m
9:15 am 12 Veteran Men (70-74) 1st: Andrew Jakubowski 2000m
9:15 am 13 Veteran Lightweight Men (75-79) 1st: Keith Kerr 2000m
9:15 am 15 Veteran Men (80-84) 1st: Frank Corner 2000m
9:30am 17 Masters Women (30-39) GOLD:   Sandra Balsdon, London R.C. 2000m
9:30am 18 Senior Masters Lightweight Women (40-49) GOLD: Claudia Bolognesi 2000m
9:45 am 19 Senior Masters Women  (40-49)GOLD: Marilena Grogan, Burloak 2000m
9:45 am 20 Veteran Masters Women  (50-54) GOLD: Lana Burpee, Ottawa R.C. 2000m
9:45 am 21 Veteran Masters Lightweight Women  (50-54) GOLD: Sue Rogers 2000m
10:00 am 29 Junior B Lightweight Girls GOLD: Anna Ionson, Welland Centennial SS 2000m
10:15 am 32 Junior B Lightweight Boys GOLD:  Aaron Mowbray, Ecole Catholique SS 2000m
10:30 am 33 Junior B Girls  GOLD: Marissa Kump, St. Catharines, R.C. 2000m
10:45 am 32 Junior B Boys GOLD: James Hamp, Canisius H.S. 2000m
11:00 am 34 Adaptive Men (TA) (A) (LTA) 1st: B. Brumwell, W. More Wilson, S. Daniels 2000m
11:00 am 36 Adaptive Women (TA) (A) (LTA) GOLD: Victoria Nolan, Argonaut R.C. 1000m
11:15 am 39 Recreation Men GOLD: James Glynn 1000m
11:15 am 40 Recreation Women GOLD: Jennifer Siu, Victoria College Paddling 1000m
11:30 am 41 Coxswains Men GOLD: Sean Whitehall, E.L. Crossley 1000m
11:30 am 42 Coxswain Women GOLD: Laura Comeau, London Training Centre 1000m
12:00noon 43 Junior A Lightweight Girls GOLD:   Syndey Boyes, Gov. Simcoe 2000m
12:15 pm 44 Junior A Lightweight Boys GOLD:  Patrick Goertzen, Gov. Simcoe 2000m
12:30 pm 45 Junior A Girls  GOLD: Katrina Pichelli, Notre Dame College School 2000m
12:45 pm 46 Junior A Boys GOLD:   Allan Amico, Canisius High School 2000m
1:00 pm 47 Senior B Lightweight Women GOLD:  Kate Lynch, Syracuse 2000m
1:15 pm 50 Senior B Lightweight Men GOLD:  Travis King, Brock Univ 2000m
1:30 pm 51 Senior B Women GOLD:  Sarah Black, Univ. of Western Ontario 2000m
1:45 pm 50 Senior B Men GOLD:  Michael Braithwaite, Univ of Toronto R.C. 2000m
2:00 pm 52 Senior Lightweight Women GOLD: Katya Herman * Queen's U 2000m
2:15 pm 54 Senior Lightweight Men GOLD: Morgan Jarvis, Queens, U 2000m
2:30 pm 55

Senior Women GOLD: Romina Stefancic, London Training Centre

1st:  Phil Monckton, VP RCA High Performance - "Exhibition" 

2:45 pm 56 Senior Men GOLD:  Peter McClelland, Univ. of Western Ontario 2000m
3:00 pm 55 Parent Offspring Crew-Mother/Daughter GOLD: 500m
3:00 pm 56 Parent Offspring Crew-Mother/Son GOLD:  500m
3:00 pm 57 Parent Offspring Crew-Father/Daughter GOLD: 500m
3:00 pm 58 Parent Offspring Crew-Father/Son GOLD: 500m
3:15 pm 59 CREW: University Women Eight GOLD: University of Toronto R.C. 1000m
3:30 pm 60 CREW: University Mens Eight GOLD: Brock University 1000m
3:45 pm 61 CREW: Club Womens Four GOLD: Notre Dame College School 500m
3:45 pm 62 CREW: Club Mens Four GOLD: Leander Boat Club 500m
4:00 pm 63 Future OlympiansUnderAge8 Girls GOLD:  Annabel Gravely, Elgin 100m
4:00 pm 64 Future Olympians Under Age 8 Boys GOLD: Martin Linde, Jackman 100m
4:15 pm 65 Future Olympians Girls Age 8 GOLD: Ashley Dedrick, Elgin 500m
4:15 pm 66 Future Olympians Boys Age 8 GOLD: Lirum Scott, Elgin 500m
4:15 pm 67 Future Olympians Girls Age 9 GOLD: Clara Gravely, Jackman 500m
4:30 pm 68 Future Olympians Boys Age 9  GOLD: Perth Swick, St. Ann's 500m
4:30 pm 69 Future Olympians Girls Age 10 GOLD: Andrea Knill, Burford 500m
4:45 pm 70 Future Olympians Boys Age 10 GOLD: Isaac Teague, Jackman 500m
4:45 pm 71 Future Olympians Girls Age 11 GOLD: Brittany Austin, Burford 500m
5:00 pm 70 Future Olympians Boys Age 11 GOLD: Tyler Dewaele, Elgin 500m
5:00 pm 75 Future Olympians Girls Age 12 GOLD:  Gillian Pond, Elgin 1000m
5:00 pm 74 Future Olympians Boys Age 12 GOLD: Jeremiah McCleary, Burford 1000m
5:15 pm 75 Future Olympians Girls Age 13 GOLD:   Phebe Teague, Bayside 1000m
5:15 pm 74 Future Olympians Boys Age 13 GOLD:  Ryan Nash, Sir Oliver Mowat 1000m

  * indicates World Qualifier      


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