Veteran Masters Rowers

At CIRC you are considered Veteran if your age is 50 or older on Race Day.

Results will be determined based on actual raw scores for 2000 metres.

Age group categories will be based on 5- year spans matching the categories used at the World Rowing Indoor Championships.
Medals will be
awarded for top 3 finishes (gold, silver and bronze) provided you are faster than at least one other competitor. 

If there are only two people in the race category only one medal is awarded with the following exception:

If the age of the competitor is 75 or older the faster than one other rule does not apply  and medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers.  We recognize there are fewer eligible competitors at the higher age categories. .  

Age Categories in both men's and women's are:

Age 50-54 Age 75-79
Age 55-59 Age 80-84
Age 60-64 Age 85-89
Age 65-69 Age 90-94
Age 70-74 Age 95-99