Satellite Regatta to World Indoor Rowing Championships   

The Canadian Indoor Rowing Association (CIRA) is proud to be one of 20 Satellite Regattas of the World Indoor Rowing Championships.   The World Indoor Rowing Championships is held in Boston in mid-February and brings bring together athletes from the sports of rowing, paddling, and more recently "crossfitters." We are committed to organizing a fair and well organized event.  We use new Concept 2 ergs to ensure scores can be compared with anyone racing 2000 metres in other countries.


As an official world satellite regatta we send 4 of the top athletes based on times acheived below qualifying standards at CIRC to compete at the World Championships in Boston.  See Rules.  For a list of athletes who have won trips to compete at the World Championships in past year, go to our Results section.


CIRC has added a new race and hopes to encourage coaches, parents, and those who can go the distance to race in this new event. The race is a 4 minute challenge open to all.  The greatest distance will determine the winners in 3 age categories (men and women).   100% of the entry fees for the "Go The Distance" Race will be donated to the True Patriot Love Foundation.   In addition all Go the Distance competitors will be entered into a special draw to win a Concept 2 Ergometer Model D from CIRC.   See More....



Each rower who competes in the 4 minute GO THE DISTANCE race will be given a ballot to win a new CONCEPT 2 Model D Ergometer with a PM5 monitor. The erg will be one of the new ergs (black) used at the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships.

Every rower who races in this event CIRC on February 5, 2017 will have a ballot entered at the end of their race.  The erg will be awarded by random draw at the end of the race.  


  • Must  pay entry fee in full for the Go the Distance race. 
  • Must compete at CIRC on February 5, 2017 and finish the Go the Distance race and register a score.
  • You must be age 13 by December 31, 2017 to compete at CIRC.


The prize will be awarded based on a draw from all eligible ballots.  The draw will take place immediately following the completion of all flights of the Go the Distance race category. The time for the draw will be approximately 4:30 p.m. Transportation of the ergometer from the Hershey Centre, in Mississauga will be the responsibility of the winning competitor. 


Eligible ballots must be complete, include a name and address and include a valid stamp from a CIRC lane score with the erg score as proof of racing.   Rank or placement in the race is not relevant. All racers will receive just one ballot, Ballots are pre-printed and will be stamped by lane official.  Racers do not have to fill it in. 

Odds of Winning the Erg

Space is limited by the number of lanes available in this this race category. Odds of winning will be limited to the number of competitors racing in the Go the Distance 4 minute race.   For example if there are 50 entered the odds of winning are 1 in 50, if there are 10, the odds are 1 in 10, etc.

Entry Fee - Go the Distance

The cost to enter the race is $20.  The CIRC committee has decided to donate 100% of entry fees for this category to charity. 


The Concept 2 ergometer is  black Model D with a PM5 monitor used one day at the 2017 CIRC.


The Win an Erg Draw previously was awarded to schools and was referred to the Win an Erg for your School Draw    The 2016 Winning School was Blessed Trinity High School of Grimbsy Ontario.  The athlete who rowed for her school and won them the erg was Lauren Kelly who raced in the Junior B Girls. Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, St Catharines (2015), Upper Canada College, Toronto (2014), Lynngate Public School, Scarborough (2013) Jackman Public School, Toronto (2012), Westdale Secondary School, Hamilton (2010), Sir Oliver Mowatt Collegiate Institute in Scarborough (2009),St Mary's High School in Hamilton (2008), Twin Lakes in Orillia (2007), Jackman Public School (2006) Unionville - Coledale (2005) and a highschool in London (2004.)



All CIRC competitors over the age of 14, have a chance to win airfare, courtesy of Concept 2 to compete in the World Indoor Rowing Championships - "C.R.A.S.H -B's on February 12, 2017.  This event brings together over 3000 competitors from the 75 countries who race in national and regional indoor rowing races.  It will be held in Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S.

How you Win the Trip

Row fast. The top 4 fastest individual times posted in Toronto on February 5, 2017 at CIRC that meet or are faster than the qualifying times will be awarded the trip.  Both 2000 metre times or 1000 metre times for Para (Adaptive) athletes are eligible to win the trip.


  • Must be age 14 or over as of February 12, 2017. (Note this is CRASH B' race day, not CIRC race day)
  • Compete in a 2000 metre individual event at CIRC on February 5, 2017 and register a score that is faster than the published qualifying time standards World IRC Qualifying Times | Concept2 for the age, weight and gender.
  • Or, compete in a 1000 metre individual Para (adaptive) race at CIRC on February 5, 2017 and register a score that is faster than the published qualifying time standard for World IRC Qualifying Times for Adaptive Rowing
  • Lightweight competitors must be competing in a lightweight event at CIRC and be at weight or lower.  If a lightweight rower is rowing in a heavyweight category at CIRC the qualifying time standard used will be the heavyweight category.
  • If under the age of 18, must have consent of parent or legal guardian to travel.

Competitor Ranking

At the end of the day of racing all competitors who post a qualifying time will be eligible to be one of the four competitors to receive airfare provided by Concept 2.   If there are more than 4 individuals who post qualifying times, CIRC will award the trip to the fastest four - i.e. those who rowed the most seconds below the qualifying standard in their age and gender category - even if by chance all four are in the same age, weight and gender category.   If there are less than four qualifying times, only those athletes meeting the time standard will be sent.

If someone who posts a qualifying standard time and is awarded the trip by CIRC officials, and is not available or decides to decline the opportunity to compete at the Worlds, the airfare may then be awarded to the next highest ranked athlete who posted a qualifying time.  The next ranked athlete will be notified by midnight on February 5, 2017 and asked if they wish to fill the spot in the top four.    

More information about the C.R.A.S.H.-B event which will be held at Boston University Arena can be found at CRASH-B website.


Thank-you to CONCEPT 2, our race sponsor.